For example, let’s say bookmaker bet365 is offering odds of 1.65 for Manchester United to win. This means that for every 1.00 you bet on that particular outcome, you will receive a profit of 0.65 should Manchester United win. They all reflect the same thing – the return you will receive as a ratio of the sum of money placed on a bet.

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Our Lucky Numbers Dream Guide makes falling asleep and imagining all the numbers for the next draw an easy process. Just like you would find at the local stokvel, we have a fafi dream guide PDF download for players looking to understand what their dream means. In another example, Brian likes the Cubs –1.5 and the under 9 in the Blue Jays-Orioles game. In order for him to win the parlay, the Cubs must cover and the combined runs scored in the Blue Jays-Orioles game can’t total over 9. A parlay gives the bettor an opportunity to combine two separate wagers into one for a bigger payoff. The only stipulation is that both wagers have to win for the bettor to make any profit.

When looking at a potential payout always consider the risk involved in the bet and what percentage of your bankroll you’re willing to commit to that bet. To understand what betting odds are, we have to first understand the concept of chance. Vigorish Explained – There is a Sports Betting Odds Explained misconception in sports betting that one only has to hit 50% of their bets to break even. Loot explains how vig works, which makes the actual break-even point 52.38%. This form of odds expression is used for all facets of basketball wagering. The bets themselves are easy to comprehend, but to really understand a bet, you just need to understand the odds.

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With the biggest and the most popular elephant in the room – i.e., the NCAA Football betting line – covered, we can now turn our attention to the other types of wagers that you can make. Here’s a brief explanation of the other informative post types of bets you can place during the college football season. Using the Michigan-Ohio State betting line example above, we can see that the oddsmaker has set the total at 49 points. Lastly, the final column on any traditional college football betting line is the total or “over/under” as it’s commonly called. The “total” refers to the total number of points, from both teams, that will be scored in any given matchup. As dedicated college football fans, we are always looking for ways to understand the game better.

If a horse wins a race after this date, they’ll usually have extra weight added to penalise them; hence the term penalty. is a comparison website that strives to provide fair and safe information in the online betting and gambling world. We receive a commission for the products on offer, but this does not affect our reviews or transparency in any way.

Another term for “point spread.” It is the betting “line” or gambling odds used to determine the parameters for wagering on either the favorite or underdog in a sporting event. The practice of wagering on a line was encourages betting on both sides involved in the contest. All of the betting odds featured in the KC vs. HOU line above will update with live NFL wagering. Other betting opportunities include which team will be in the lead after each quarter, including halftime, and can also include prop bets. The offshore sportsbooks that we recommend offers live betting that features odds that update throughout the game. NFL live betting alleviates the pressure of making sure a bet is placed prior to kickoff, and allows for wagering until the final whistle is blown.

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As you can see, Dallas is the 4.5-point favorite, which means the Cowboys would need to win the game by five points or more to win the bet. Conversely, New York is a 4.5-point underdog, which means to win the bet the Giants would need to win outright or not lose the game by more than four points. An example of a value bet can also be demonstrated with a coin toss. This is an implied probability of 45.5% on an event that we know has a 50% chance of occurring. This bookmaker’s margin is problematic for bettors since it makes it difficult to win, as the bookmaker is taking money from both sides of the market.

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You have to predict if the total number of goals scored during the first half only will be over or under the spread indicated. You have to predict whether both teams score at least one goal each during the first half OR only one team or both teams do NOT score any goals during the first half. You have to predict if the number goals scored during the match is going to be odd or even. You have to predict the number of goals scored during the match based on different ranges offered by Bet9ja. The terms for how many places are paid and the adjustment of the odd may vary from event to event.